Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment with Our New York Chiropractor

Your neck is a complex structure, and its incredible flexibility makes it possible for you to accomplish any number of routine tasks every day. For this reason and more, pain in your neck can be quite disruptive to your life. It’s a common experience for many people, however, and that’s why our chiropractor in NYC offers neck pain treatment designed to help you start feeling better fast.

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Types and Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by any number of things, from sleeping in the wrong position to being involved in a car accident. One of the more common issues our New York City chiropractor has been encountering lately is “text neck”, which is neck pain resulting from looking down at a smartphone for long periods of time each day. In fact, any occupation or activity that requires you to keep your neck in a fixed or awkward position for an extended period of time can lead to neck pain, and our chiropractor in NYC can help eliminate that pain and keep it from returning.

Whiplash is also a common cause of the neck pain we treat with chiropractic care in New York City. These types of injuries typically result in pain that is worse when you move your neck in a particular way, as well as pain, numbness and tingling that radiates down your arm. Headaches frequently accompany neck pain, as the tension from the muscles in your neck can easily spread upward.

Chiropractic Care NYC for Neck Pain

Our approach to providing chiropractic care NYC for neck pain involves completing a comprehensive physical assessment to determine the precise cause of your symptoms. We’ll then utilize gentle chiropractic adjustments as well as soft tissue treatments to restore proper alignment to your cervical vertebrae while simultaneously reducing inflammation in the area. This allows your body’s natural healing processes to take over, and we’ll also show you some stretches and exercises you can do on your own to improve and maintain flexibility in your neck.

Tips for Preventing Neck Pain from Dey Street Chiropractic

Particularly if your neck pain is caused by poor posture or a lack of ergonomic in the structure of your work station, our NYC chiropractor can give you tips to help keep you neck pain from returning. For instance, making sure your computer monitor is at the proper level, using a headset when you’re on the phone, and adding stretches and breaks at regular intervals into your daily schedule, combined with regular maintenance visits to our offices for chiropractic care in New York City, can all help you stay pain-free, so you can live life the way you want to.

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